You're investing in more than just real estate, you're investing in your sponsor.
Invest in the sponsor that’s the right fit for you. Personal relationships. Transparent reporting. Conservative. Decades of multi-billion-dollar Wall Street and Main Street experience.
Mara Poling – a different kind of sponsor.



A real relationship with each and every client. That’s the only way we know to do it. No 800 number investor relations someone with a phone script. You will work directly with Pat and Bill from day one. Invest a little, or more, or none at all. We will be there answering your questions, furthering your understanding of multifamily real estate, ensuring you know all there is to know about the Fund. We are a different kind of sponsor.


This is not our first rodeo. Decades of experience crafting multi-billion-dollar portfolios for clients ranging from Wall Street to Main Street. Lessons learned from thousands and thousands of transactions. The continuous improvement in conservative underwriting and rigorous due diligence that comes from each acquisition over decades of investing. We are a different kind of sponsor.



You will always know what’s going on with your investment. Committed to setting the standard in investor communication. Detailed monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting. Fund and asset level financials, comparing actuals to budget and pro forma for the quarter, year, and since inception, with line by line variance analysis. Live members only quarterly performance review webinars with member driven Q&A. Annual one on one call. It’s your money, you should know what it’s doing. We are a different kind of sponsor.

The 5 Fundamentals to Multifamily Real Estate

Discover why multifamily real estate deserves a place in your portfolio and the 5 fundamentals driving its success today and into the future.