The Mara Poling Total Return Fund

The security and stability of a diversified portfolio of multifamily assets crafted by one of a kind asset managers with decades of experience creating and managing multibillion-dollar portfolios. Earn cash income averaging 8% to 12% or more. Create wealth with annual equity growth of 10% to 15% or greater. All of it benefiting from the unique tax advantages that only commercial real estate can provide.



Earn cash income. Tenants pay rent, we pay operating expenses and the mortgage, and what’s left belongs to you. Pro forma forecasts cash distributions averaging 8% over the first 5 years, growing to 12% or more by year 10. Cost segregation depreciation increase losses from depreciation by more than 50% during the first 5 years of an asset’s life. Tax efficiency of a consolidated K1 from the Fund can reduce your tax liability from the cash distributions. Combined with the return on capital component of the waterfall of returns, Fund members may be able to defer a significant amount of their tax exposure.


Create real wealth for you and your family. Our multifamily real estate assets grow as we grow net operating income, 10% per year or more. Pro forma estimates a $100,000 investment in the Fund would grow to over $160,000 in 5 years. Driven by our tax advantaged 2nd generation asset model, that single $100,000 investment could grow to $350,000 or more. Some, most, or all of that gain tax may be deferred and even completely avoided din some instances.




Secure your investment. Stability on par with corporate and government bonds. A diversified portfolio of performing, Class B multifamily assets located in select growth markets. Conservative underwriting and rigorous acquisition standards. Modest leverage and strong cash reserves. All combine to provide stability and security for your investment. Sleep well at night knowing your investment is secure.

      IRA & 401K Compatible

Invest in the Fund through your Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401K. Diversify your retirement plan with the addition of a multifamily real estate investment. Combine with non-retirement accounts to achieve Class A membership. Potential ROTH conversion option.



Become a Member

We invite you to learn more about joining the Fund. Class A members earn an 8% preferred return, 6% for Class B. Realize a total return of 18% or more. Re-invest your distributions, add to your account at any time, even access your account with available liquidity. Enjoy the stability and security of a truly conservative investment Fund. Download the Fund Information Kit today.